I&E 352: Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This class covers different aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on skills needed to launch ventures including both commercial and social entrepreneurship ventures. Lean methodology, innovation and entrepreneurship strategy, creating the needed financing and resource structure, effective marketing strategies are some of the topic covered in the course. The class consists of reflection pieces, lectures, guest lectures and case studies where the students are fully engaged in the materials learnt and discussed.

This course complements the GC focus as it provides an opportunity to identify the market of infrastructure development in US. Using key elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, I am able to understand how these social and economic factors can play its role in the sustainable development of the infrastructure as financial resource is one of the barriers in building better infrastructure i.e. wastewater systems in rural America.

Instructor: Professor Kathie Amato, Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative

Date: Spring Semester, 2019

Total hours: 9 – 10 hours per week