Phoebe Dijour, Class of 2022

Hometown: Morganville, NJ

Majors: Biomedical Engineering

Minors: Chemistry, Visual & Media Studies

Why GCS:

Throughout my academic career at Duke, I have explored many different opportunities within biomedical engineering and have found that my interests lie at the intersection between biomedical engineering, medicine, and public health. Through various projects, I have learned the iterative processes of modeling, study design, prototyping, and computational analysis of data and have worked towards the grand challenge of engineering better medicines. I believe that becoming a Grand Challenge Scholar would allow me to further focus my passions for biomedical engineering into one area and establish continuity between my many experiences at Duke with a central theme, motivating me to improve my skills in problem solving and challenging me to innovate medicine in new ways. The Scholars program would also provide me with the needed mentorship and financial support to accomplish my goals. I would funnel the support into projects during the academic year and summer in order to continue working towards my engineering goals.

So far, I have worked towards the grand challenge of engineering better medicines through several avenues. I have conducted research at the Katz lab, worked with an interdisciplinary Bass Connections team, designed an engineering-in-art House course, and volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician, and I hope to learn more about engineering industry and entrepreneurship through the BME Design Fellows program. I would like to further develop my global, service learning, and entrepreneurship experiences, and I believe that the Grand Challenge Scholars program is the logical next step in accomplishing these goals.