Medical Sociology

One of the primary goals of scientific innovation is to improve the medical field and societal well-being. Through this course, I can better understand the interface between sociology and health-related issues. Examination of social and cultural aspects of healthcare informs the development and design of new tools for medicine and discovery.

An important aspect of this course is service learning, during which we volunteer in a health-based care facility. Understanding the use of medical technologies in these facilities and interacting with both the staff and patients who use them is invaluable to the engineering design process.


Instructor: Dr. Deborah Gold

Duration: August 28, 2015 – December 8, 2015

Total time to complete experience: 140 hours

Global Health research and ethics

This course explored research methods and ethical issues involved in behavioral and social sciences, relevant to multidisciplinary global health research. It culminated in a final project which included the identifying a global health problem, studying its behavioral and ethical context, and designing a research study to answer particular research questions.

This process of study design is crucial to the development and testing of new medical and research devices for scientific discovery. Through this course, I gained an understanding of the global and ethical issues involved with implementing research in various cultural contexts.


Instructor: Dr. Sumedha Ariely

Duration: January 11, 2017 – April 26, 2017

Total time to complete experience: 140 hours

Introduction to Political Economy

This introductory course opened my eyes to many aspects of political economy including different models of government and the interaction between markets and governments, but most importantly, the links between innovation and the market. In order for innovative scientific tools to make an impact in society, they must be successful in the market. As I gain more knowledge about markets and the development of new ways of distribution, I am able to incorporate those ideas into my research and design of tools.


Instructor: Dr. Michael Munger

Duration: August 24, 2015 – December 4, 2015

Total time to complete this experience: 120 hours