Michelle Wei

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT USA

BME Major and Pre-health

Class of 2018

GC Advisor: Dr. Anthony Kuo

GC Focus: Engineering the Tools of Scientific Discovery

GC Thesis Topic: Simultaneous Fluorescence and OCT in vivo imaging of Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration


The Impact of Grand Challenge Scholars: Being a Grand Challenge Scholar has incredibly impacted my Duke experience. Through my entire portfolio of involvement, I was able to connect each experience back to an effective and tangible goal of helping tackle one or several of the Grand Challenges. Not only has this program allowed me to think about my actions and goals on a global scale, it has taught me to recognize the necessity of a future in which many fields (including engineering, global health, environmental science, education, computer science, public policy, and many more) combine in an interdisciplinary way to solve the dynamic challenges facing the world. My growth through this program, in conjunction with my gradual discovery of academic interests through my education at Duke, has helped me to develop a long-term goal geared towards solving two of the Grand Challenges for Engineering: I plan to pursue an interdisciplinary MD/PhD in ophthalmology and biomedical engineering to practice medicine while continuing to conduct research into engineering the tools of scientific discovery and engineering better medicines.