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Jonathan Perera

B.S.E Biomedical Engineering
Class of 2022
Grand Challenge: Engineer Better Medicines
Advisor: Dr. Craig Henriquez

I am a fourth-year biomedical engineering undergraduate student originally from Sri Lanka and based in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m drawn to engineering because of its unique mode of thought that forms the intersection of artistic design, scientific challenge, and practical application. It not only engages me analytically but gives me a valuable perspective that is applicable to all other facets of life including medical care and the treatment of patients.

The Grand Challenge will equip me to take on the multifaceted challenge of Engineering Better Medicines. I hope to be a medical clinician and I believe this program will provide me with the tools necessary to go beyond the classroom to tackle the modern questions of improving medicine quality in a modern world which faces increasing medical issues of global importance. Being an engineer in this program gives me a unique problem-solving mentality that is required to thrive in the quick-evolving world of medicine. 

A modern solution to problems of great scale, requires multi-field, multi-dimensional solutions which the Grand Challenge program will allow me to prepare for. It will provide me with a conceptual path and framework to go about asking and pursuing the right questions regarding engineering better medicines and improving the standard of care in medical facilities in the future.