Experience 1: FLO2 Oxygen Control System

Date: Fall 2019 – Present (450 Hours)

Advisors: Dr. Ann Saterbak (Spring 2020 – Present), Dr. Elizabeth Bucholz (Fall 2019)

Summary:  Over 1.5 million Americans with respiratory conditions receive supplemental oxygen. To adjust their oxygen flow, patients walk across their homes – and sometimes up and down the stairs – to manually turn the knob of the concentrator flowmeter. However, it is physically taxing and potentially fatal to do this while oxygen-deprived. In EGR 101: Engineering Design & Communication, my team was tasked to engineer a method that allows patients to wirelessly control their oxygen concentrator. Our team developed FLO2,  an oxygen concentrator control system allowing patients to wirelessly control their oxygen flow rate using a smartphone app. After EGR 101, our team enrolled in EGR 102: Design to Deliver to continue developing our device. We received the 2020 Baquerizo Innovation Grant and currently working towards a patent and manuscript publication.

Experience 2: HackDuke: Code for Good 2020

Date: September 2020

Summary: Good health, both physical and mental, is something many of us take for granted until we lose it; many people struggle with disabling diseases on a daily basis. Especially with COVID-19 limiting interpersonal interactions, fighting a disease may seem like a solitary endeavor, and without a proper support network, feelings of isolation and hopelessness can defeat a person.  For the HackDuke 2020 hackathon, my teammates and I developed heal together,  a social network allowing patients to find new friends with similar medical conditions. Users can share stories and form supportive communities so that they are never fighting alone. During this experience, I learned about the basics of front-end web development, including UI/UX prototype design in Adobe XD and basics of HTML/CSS.