Interdisciplinary Elements

Interdisciplinary Classes:

History 371: Food in Global History (August 27th 2018-December 7th 2018, Instructor: Margaret Humphreys)

Learned about how food and eating habits of various cultures around the world throughout history have impacted health outcomes. This class taught me how a culture’s predominant diet can aid or hinder the progression of cardiometabolic diseases and how diet-borne diseases have affected human history.

Hours: 140 (10 hr/week, 14 weeks total)

NEUROSCI 278: Sex/Gender–Nature vs Nurture (August 28th 2017-December 8th 2017, Instructors: Christina Williams and Ara Wilson)

Learned about the importance of including female subjects in biomedical research and how biological sex affects the human body outside of just the reproductive system. This class made me more aware of the necessity to take male and female differences/needs into account when creating health solutions and medical products.

Hours: 140 (10 hr/week, 14 weeks total)

POLSCI 145: Introduction to Political Economics (August 29th 2016-December 9th 2016, Instructor: Michael Munger)

Learned about the history and philosophy behind modern economic thought as well as macro and micro economics. This knowledge will help me maximize the influence of my “grand challenge solution” with more marketability and cost-efficiency.

Hours: 140 (10 hr/week, 14 weeks total)