Pembroke-King’s Program at University of Cambridge

  • Description: I studied abroad at Cambridge for two months during my freshman summer. I took 3 courses on weekdays and traveled around the UK and other European countries on weekends. I visited a total of 8 countries during my time abroad. It was an amazing experience for me to get a taste of academic life in a different culture and broaden my global perspectives.
  • Relation to GC topic:
    • Although none of the 3 courses I took was STEM related, I managed to blend some aspects of my coursework with my GC focus. The final paper for my ethics course was due a week after U.S. revealed a groundbreaking work on using CRISPR to edit human embryos for disease correction. In response, I dived into the topic of bioethics in my essay, examining the ethical questions scientists must ask before altering the genes of future generations. As we develop cutting edge innovations in medicine, we must never cease asking the question: Is this procedure ethical? Moral philosophy couldn’t be more relevant in the wake of these novel treatments.
    • To further expand upon my curiosity for strategies in global leadership, I synthesized the latest findings in an essay on effective global leadership for my business course. In the collaborative field of engineering and medicine, global interactions are becoming major driving forces for innovation. Studying the secrets behind successful cross-cultural management better prepares me for future work bridging the east and west.
  • Term completed: Summer 2017