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Service Learning

Community Development in Sumba, Indonesia (DukeEngage Independent)

To read more about my global service learning DukeEngage experience in Sumba, Indonesia, click here

Pictured above: A meeting with the family of a village leader in Madutolong, East Sumba, after working together to fill out a questionnaire understanding the energy and clean water access issues in the community. Note: The photo above was shared with granted permission by those involved

Start Date: May 15, 2018

End Date: July 18, 2018

Total Engaged Hours (including planning): 350+ (split with global dimension)

DukeEngage Supervisor: Dr. Josiah Knight, MEMS

IBEKA Supervisor: Project Manager Pradygdha Jati

Greywater Filtration – Duke Engineers for International Development in El Pital, Honduras


To learn more about my service learning experience with Duke Engineers for International Development in El Pital, Honduras, click here

Start Date: July 2017

End Date: August 2017.

Supervisor: Dr. David Schaad, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Total Engaged Hours (including prep): 150+ (split with global dimension)