Prospective Students


Why is food and agriculture an interesting area for MBAs?

By the year 2050, we will need to produce at least 50% more food to keep up with population growth and demographic shift. However, natural resources like arable land and potable water are limited. Growth will need to involve innovative solutions, technologies and efforts across the supply chain from the field to the fork. Business leaders will be integral to growing the industry and steering the many companies that support the sector. We see this challenge as an opportunity to generate value and impact in multi-disciplinary, fast paced and dynamic industry.

Do we also have any fun?

Yes! We think talking about food and farming is fun. But we also think that eating food is fun so we love to get together as a club and try new restaurants in the Triangle, volunteer or visit a farm, or host social events for the Fuqua community where we can try out interesting food products or local offerings.

What kind of recruiting support does the club provide?

Each year’s class has different interests across the food and agriculture sector. From food and ag tech, to traditional agribusiness, to grocery and retail and to CPG, there are tons of areas of opportunity to choose from. That is why the recruiting efforts are led by students to cater to student demand each year. We have dedicated support from the Career Management Center (CMC) and a deep alumni network, but our greatest asset is our own expertise and network within the club. We bring people to campus and make introductions to help the off-campus job searches. Most importantly, we make sure that club members are educated on trends and industry vocabulary so you can ace the interview and land your dream job.

How do first years get involved?

First year (FY) cabinet positions are open by application and interview at the beginning of Fall 1 and starting in Fall 2 the first years are integral to running the club. Cabinet members are expected to attend a quarterly cabinet meeting and usually commit to 1-3 hours of club related activity per week. Common FY positions include Careers, Communication & Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Community Events, and FoodCon Chair. First years who are not on the club cabinet can also get involved by attending events and engaging with food and agriculture focused employers that come to campus.

How does the club engage with other clubs at Fuqua and other schools at Duke?

We recognize that club members are interested in a variety of functions within the industry. That is why we love to co-sponsor events with other clubs at Fuqua. We have done events with Marketing Club, Finance Club, Net Impact, Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital Club, General Management Club and others.

We also love the food industry because of its relationship to other industries and areas of study. That is why we love engaging with the Nicholas School of the Environment, Sanford School of Public Policy (including the World Food Policy Center), Duke Medical School and other programs to learn and network together.