Prospective Students

We’re extremely glad to hear that you’re considering applying to Fuqua. The European Club is here to help: we usually engage with prospective students to chat about our life at Fuqua, to support them in the application process (essays/resume review) and, fingers crossed, ahead of the interviews. We’d be very happy to interact with you: please fill this 30-second survey and will follow-up with you as soon as feasible. In the meantime, we have outlined a FAQs below.


The application process to business school may be challenging and time-consuming. Managing the entire process while organizing the transition from Europe to the United States bears an additional task to overcome for every prospective student. Having experienced the process ourselves, we will attempt to address and answer some of the questions that come along with it.


Is it worth it to move to the United States from Europe for my Master’s program?

Making the decision to take the step and settle in a far away country for beginning this new life chapter takes a lot of courage. However, we promise you once you set foot into the halls of Fuqua and dive into the unique culture of #TeamFuqua, you will see that your decision to pursue the MBA / MMS degree at Fuqua was the best decision you have ever made.

What can I expect from the culture in the USA?

For somebody who has never visited the USA before certain aspects of lifestyle, traditions, and cluture might appear unusual at first sight. Nonetheless, after a while of settling in and getting to know your new environment with all of its opportunities, friendly people, as well as numerous of adventurous experience – you will come to realize what the American Way of Life represents. In particular the charming town of Durham offers big-city activities with a small-town vibe. The thriving bar and restaurant scene downtown with live music and the smell of BBQ in the air will make you fall in love with Durham and its all-American vibes. Also, the surrounding ares of the Research Triangle (including the cities of Raleigh, Durham, anch Chapel Hill) will be a thrilling environment to spend an amazing time.

What can the European club do for me as a European?

Above all the our goal for the Duke MBA European Club is to promote the beauty and charming lifestyle of Europe at Fuqua as well as foster its presence through the growing attendance of students from Europe across all academic programs. Our activities and events may cover current European affairs, leisure and recreational events, such as trivia, food & wine culture, or sports events, as well as career development initiatives for European students. We want to shape a community you can lean on as you start your Fuqua journey, welcome you to your new adventure and together bring the spirit of Europe to Fuqua.Your network of fellow Europeans at Fuqua will become your support system throughout your program.

What are some of the examples of European Club activities on campus?

To promote European culture, European Club welcomes Fuqua community at social events such as European wines tasting, European food potluck and cocktails making, European Trivia Night, Oktoberfest beer festival or UEFA Champions League watching sessions. Similar to what Europe represents, European Club is diverse, multicultural and inclusive.

Do I have to be from Europe or European origin to become a member?

Of course not! We are a diversity club and we embrace diversity at Fuqua like no other place. We are happy to bring European culture closer to every member of the Fuqua family. Any student from any Fuqua program is encouraged to join the club if they share our passion for all things European!

What are the cabinet positions in the Duke MBA European Club?

Although priorities may shift, our main cabinets are: Admissions, Career, Communications, and Special Events.

I am an European applying to Fuqua , can I get help from the European Club?

Yes, please do! We would be thrilled to meet you on campus, show you around, share our experiences and get to know you better! Please reach out to our Admissions cabinet or Co-presidents (follow the ‘contact us’ section). We look forward to meeting you!