Why Tre’ Ellis Scott Loves Froshlife

If I had to put my finger on one landmark experience of my first-year at Duke, it would definitely be Froshlife. Froshlife is a film competition between first-year residence halls that showcases some aspect of student life.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of competition. But, I would be the first to say that this film festival is about more than just winning.

The Froshlife committee provides you with a high-quality camera and laptop, and you only have a few weeks to create a short movie. You’re set up in teams of people from your dorm. This team needs a director, editor, cameraman, writers and actors to pull this off. Once the movies are done,there is a big movie premiere. By “big premiere” I mean red carpet style —- no literally, there’s a red carpet, as well as t-shirts, awards and live streamed!

Me, Ivana, and King!

Besides all the glamour, filming a Froshlife video last year brought me closer to a number of my dorm mates. We actually created something together that we were proud of. Not to mention, all of our outrageous outtakes could be a full-length feature film on their own. From the very moment you get your dorm assignment through senior year there really is a connection to your freshman residence hall that’s felt throughout your time at Duke.

For me, Froshlife became another way of sharing this connection with a team of Pegramites (it’s what we call the wonderful people who are blessed to live in Pegram) looking to do something different.

Cast and Crew of Pegram’s Froshlife Video!

I forgot to mention that the director of our Pegram Froshlife video was a film genius. King Lu is by far one of the most impressive artists I’ve met at Duke. (But even if you don’t have a rockstar film dude in your hall, you can still make a pretty sweet movie.) He has a passion for creating films and it is evident in his work. Check out his website: http://www.kinglufilms.tk/. Also, our Froshlife video took home a number of awards last year, including Best Director – King Lu, Best Actor – Tre’Ellis Scott, People’s Choice and Best Movie. Here’s our video: “d(U)ke” by Pegram

This post originally appeared on the Duke Undergraduate Admissions blog.  

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