Ok, so what is Froshlife, exactly?

I assume that because you’re here, you’re at least somewhat piqued by the idea of Froshlife.  Maybe you got a flyer at an event, or saw a post on facebook, or just heard about Froshlife from a friend; but in any case, I’ll take this opportunity to explain, start to finish, what exactly this whole Froshlife thing is all about.

Eleven years ago some folks had the brilliant idea to give a camera and a laptop to each first-year residence hall and ask them to document their freshman experience.  It went so well that we decided to do it again the next year, and again the year after, and eleven years later, we’re still doing it.  The first year of college is an important point in your life, and we think it’s something worth looking at through the lens of a camera.

So early next year, we’ll hand each first-year hall a box of equipment including a camera, a laptop, some other peripherals, as well as a bit of information, and we’ll set you off to create the next Froshlife masterpiece, addressing that still-relevant question of “what is the first-year experience at Duke?”  We’ve seen love stories, tales of triumph and of loss, detective stories, music videos, musicals, and everything in between.  But they’ve always shed unique light on the first-year experience, which is always changing, and evolving.

Each residence hall will have the opportunity to present their vision at the 11th annual Froshlife Film Festival Premiere, one of the defining events of the first-year experience.  Every year, we dress up, unroll the red carpet, and enjoy the films of the freshman class among your peers and an audience of thousands online.

But before we get ahead of ourselves with fancy dresses and bowties, we’ve got to figure out the most important part of this whole event, the story.  There’s no Froshlife without a good story, so if you’re reading this, get those creative juices flowing and start tossing around ideas with your roommates, hallmates, and housemates.  We’ll be coming in to meet with you all in a few weeks to help start these conversations.

In the meantime, to stay involved, you can like us on facebook, and sign up on our interest list.

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