RC is a 25 year old man who fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo just 10 months ago. Upon arrival in America, he has quickly learned of the importance of working hard and staying positive in order to achieve his goals. His English skills have been helpful in his adjustment to life in America; he can effectively express himself and communicate with his peers. He is motivated to become sulf-sufficient and successful here; he has already earned his driver’s license and is navigating the roads of Durham! He is currently studying for his GED, and working a part-time job at P.F. Chang’s while still making time to play basketball and relax with his family. He dreams of becoming a doctor one day who will pray for his patients as he treats them. RC was happy to be able to speak in French as he has not found many people who speak French here. He is bright and inquisitive and was curious to learn more about America and make new friends.We look forward to keeping in touch with RC and hopefully taking him to a Duke basketball game.



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