Fishing for Food

We are a group of researchers from Duke University that are studying the social construct and patterns of behavior surrounding subsistence fishing, or “fishing for food,” around infrastructure in Carteret County, North Carolina.

Newport River Pier and Ramp – located between Morehead City and Beaufort, just off of 301 Highway 70

Presently, the importance and prevalence of subsistence fisheries in the area is not understood as these practices are difficult to observe and track aside from records of recreational fishing licenses. Fishing for food can be central to culture and family life, household economies, and food security. This project specifically aims to explore the role that subsistence fishing assumes in supporting livelihoods, economies, social ties, and culture in Carteret County.

This research will be centered around infrastructure and the subsistence fishing that occurs on piers and bridges. This project will also entail an examination of any potential impacts and perceptions of pollution and toxicity on fish and water quality in the selected study sites. In addition, it will examine how subsistence fishing behaviors and their social, economic, and cultural contributions, including the maintenance of social networks, differ along racial dimensions.

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