Many people are mystified by the magnitude of the numbers that appear in the conversation about player contracts and salaries, and rightfully so. Often contracts can push into the hundreds of millions in valuation and annual salaries can be in the tens of millions of dollars. To afford such large expenditures, soccer clubs have to make astronomical amounts of money, but those amounts can vary greatly between teams. While some of the biggest, most powerful clubs like Chelsea are signing near billion pound deals that will guarantee their team abounding wealth for over a decade, smaller, less successful clubs are signing paltry 4 million dollar deals that last only 4 years.

In this section a few of the main sources of revenue are broken down for some of the best and worst of the English Premier League teams to show the disparities in wealth among the clubs. Specifically, the topics that are explored are TV deals and merit money, kit deals, and sponsorship deals. Click on the menu items above or the links below to take a look.

TV and Merit Money as Sources of Revenue

Kit Deals as Sources of Revenue

Sponsorships as Sources of Revenue