Please feel free to contact us at for more information about the program or to join our mailing list. If you would like to be notified about updates, email with your email address. Contact information for the FEMMES program advisors can also be found below.

Please send all legal releases to the FEMMES mailbox:

FEMMES c/o Suqi Huang
Duke University
Box 95211
Durham NC, 27708-9838

 Maria Kohlbrenner – Program Director
Phone: (845) 596-4886
Colleen Chung – Program Director
Phone: (661) 340-1300
Nur Cardakli – Associate Program Director
Phone: (814) 931-1590
Vihasa Govada – Associate Program Director
Phone: (904) 610-5041
Moeko Nagatsuka – After School Executive Director
Jessica Hennacy – After-School Program Director
Deborah Liu – Saturday Program Director
Samantha Huff – Outreach Director
Callie Mao – Finance Director
Giselle Graham – Marketing Director
Suqi Huang – Administrative Assistant
Sammi Siegel – Faculty Liaison
 Tori Diggs – Summer Camp/Outreach Director


2 Responses to Contacts

  1. Kara Turner says:

    Please add Kennedy Turner to the FEMMES waitlist and add my name and email to your mailing list.

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