Federico A. Bugni

Federico Bugni
Professor of Economics
Duke University
email: federico [dot] bugni [at] duke [dot] edu
phone: 919-660-1997


Theoretical and applied econometrics

Link to my CV.
Acknowledgement: Financial support from National Science Foundation (NSF grants SES-1123771, SES-1124193, SES-1729280) and National Institutes of Health (NIH grant 40-4153-00-0-85-399) is gratefully acknowledged.


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Working Papers

  1. “Testing homogeneity in dynamic discrete games in finite samples” with Jackson Bunting and Takuya Ura. Link to arXiv. Submitted on March 2021.
  2. “Permutation-based tests for discontinuities in event studies” with Jia Li. Link to arXiv. Revision requested by the Quantitative Economics in February 2021.
  3. “Inference under covariate adaptive randomization with imperfect compliance” with Mengsi Gao. Link to arXiv. Revision requested by the Journal of Econometrics in May 2021.
  4. “Subvector inference in partially identified moment inequality models with many moment inequalities”, with Alex Belloni and Victor Chernozhukov. Link to arXiv.

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. “Clustered standard errors in experiments with covariate-adaptive randomization”, with Ivan A. Canay, Vishal Kamat, Azeem M. Shaikh, and Max Tabord-Meehan.
  2. “Estimating dynamic discrete choice games under the steady state assumption” with Jackson Bunting.
  3. “Testing conditional stochastic dominance via g-order statistics”, with Ivan A. Canay and Deborah Kim.