Whether students want to get involved with an existing project, or get support working on their own idea, FastTrack provides opportunities to get involved. On the Internship track, students are able to work on an existing project team, providing support through a variety of roles from market research to engineering. For students with their own idea for a medical device, FastTrack offers an Engineering Fellowship where they will receive guidance on market research, engineering, regulatory and grant-writing.

What Will You Help Create?

FastTrack encourages students to get involved in projects with roles working on prototyping, needs finding, engineering, and more. Internships are offered on a rolling basis with opportunities in Spring, Summer, Fall, and year-long positions. Funding for internships to students is not guaranteed.

Accelerate Your Idea with FastTrack

FastTrack offers Engineering Fellowships for students and teams who want to work on their own medical device ideas. In the Fellowship program, students are the primary engineers on the project and FastTrack provides the guidance and support to take their device to commercialization. Fellows are provided with mentorship and access to the FastTrack framework to support their projects.

Internship: Clinical Needs Validation

Who can apply: Anyone with BME or clinical background with interest in medical development and some background in regulatory literature.

Description: Work with early stage technologies to do primary and secondary market research.

Internship: Engineering/Prototyping 

Who can apply: Preferred graduate level and above engineering students as well as undergraduate juniors and seniors.

Description: Work on validated projects to design, develop, and enhance device prototypes.

Internship: Project Strategy Development 

Who can apply: MBA, MEM, and graduate students with strategy-focused business background.

Description: Work with mature projects to develop a business plan, regulatory strategy, and reimbursement.

Check Out Our Current Fellowship Project, SlipClip

Team members Ashley Myers, Anish Karpurapu, Meena Gudapati, Yoo Bin Shin, and Frank Marinello began brainstorming after the Duke ALS Clinic challenged the students to create a toothbrush that could be readily used by individuals suffering from ALS.


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