FastTrack provides the mentorship, resources and technical knowledge to help translate your concept into a functional product​

Our Process


All innovations begin with a need. FastTrack looks for committed innovators who have the drive to pursue their idea and design a solution to address the clinical problem they’ve identified.

Clinical Need Validation

We identify different stakeholders affected by the clinical need and assess the idea’s potential to provide maximal benefit to the healthcare system.

Market Assessment

Hands-on team to identify and navigate the existing technology landscape, market trends, entry barriers, competitive products, regulatory hurdles and more.


Brainstorming potential solutions, rapid prototyping and benchtop testing to help you translate your novel idea into an innovative reality.

Vendor Sourcing & Management

Guidance on strategic sourcing to build beneficial, productive partnerships with manufacturers, vendors and consultants. 

Design for Manufacturing

Engineering collaboration to simplify, optimize and refine the prototype into a commercializable product.

Test Development

Utilize our frameworks and facilities to develop reliable assessment methods to meet regulatory standards.

Regulatory Strategy

We simplify the FDA process, and in collaboration with consultants, design a regulatory strategy to bring your device to market. 

Business Strategy & Commercialization

With a network of professionals in medicine, engineering and entrepreneurship, we help you establish key strategic partnerships to develop a sustainable venture.