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How to Use This Guide

The guide is organized in three major sections. The first (Chapters 1-3) presents the science behind FASD-how alcohol affects brain development to produce learning and behavioral difficulties. The second section (Chapters 4-6) covers in depth several of the neuropsychological and behavioral disabilities of students with FASD. In addition, it presents teaching strategies to address the neuropsychological and behavioral problems. There is a great deal of repetition built in to these chapters due to the overlap in approaches that can be used for different disabilities. When appropriate, the reader is referred to another section in which the topic is discussed in more detail. The third section (Chapters 7-8) presents two case studies, along with the background, the SST report and the sample IEP for each. These can be used as guides in developing your own SST reports and IEPs when appropriate. The sample cases are followed by a chapter (9) discussing the roles of other school professionals in helping the FASD student, teacher, and family work together to develop a productive learning experience at the elementary grade level.