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Student Study Team

Student: Robbie Vern
Grade: 4th
Today’s Date: 1/4/2017
Teachers: Mr. Sweeney (Core), Ms. Kazan (Mathematics)

Members Attending Student Study Team

Mr. Alan Vern (Father)
Mr. Sweeney (Core Teacher)
Ms. Kazan (Mathematics Teacher)
Mr. Beckler (Principal)
Ms. Lundgren (Resource Teacher)
Ms. Freemire (School Psychologist)

Important Medical/Educational History:

  • 10 year old 4th grader in Mr . Sweeney’s class
  • Parents separated when Robbie was 3 years old
  • Robbie was mainly in father ’s custody after the divorce
  • Biological mother died 3.5 years ago (9/15/04) of liver cirrhosis
  • Lives with father, stepmother, and 9 month old stepbrother
  • Last month, in March 2007, Robbie was diagnosed with ARND

Strengths and Interests:

  • Has friends
  • Verbal
  • Artistic (paints and draws)
  • Swims
  • Bikes
  • Enjoys computer games
  • Loves science
  • Likes to read
  • Gets along well with adults
  • Cares about how he’s doing in school

Areas of Concern:

  • Frustrated this year in school
  • Missing some verbal directions
  • Not turning in all of his class assignments or homework
  • Difficulty comprehending some of his reading
  • Needing 1:1 help with some 4th grade math concepts
  • Difficulty transitioning to math class
  • Father’s concern: Understanding the diagnosis of ARND to create a successful educational environment for his son

What’s Been Tried So Far:

  • Given 1:1 help in mathematics when a new concept is introduced
  • Home tutor in math 1x a week
  • Father helps with some written assignments
  • Robbie has come for some after school help in reading comprehension
  • Dr. Stevens, Child Psychologist, consulted (February 2007 and ongoing)

What Needs to Be Done Next:

  • Permission to assess paperwork–Resource Teacher-Ms. Lundgren
  • Educational Assessment–Resource Teacher-Ms. Lundgren
  • Consult Dr. Stevens regarding Psychological Assessment given in 2/07–School Psychologist-Ms. Freemire and Dr. Stevens
  • Determine whether there’s a need for School Psychologist to give further testing
  • Schedule IEP meeting (within legal time frame)–Resource Teacher-Ms. Lundgren
  • Request District Special Education–Principal-Mr. Beckler
  • Director present information on FASD with emphasis on creating a successful school environment for teachers, professional staff, and Robbie’s father
  • Request District Special Education Director attend Robbie’s IEP
  • Modify math and written language assignments–4th grade teachers: Mr. Sweeney and Ms. Kazan
  • Preread at home to help with reading comprehension–Robbie’s father-Mr. Vern
  • Assist with transition to math—provide a math buddy–4th grade teacher-Mr. Sweeney