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Student Study Team

Student: Lynn Copeland
Grade: 1st
Teacher: Ms. Meltzer
Today’s Date: 1/19/2017

Members of Student Study Team Attending:

Ms. Joanne and Mr. Michael Copeland (Parents)
Ms. Meltzer (1st Grade Teacher)
Ms. Rambler (Speech and Language Specialist)
Ms. Germaine (Principal)
Mr. Barber (Resource Specialist)
Ms. Leitner (School Psychologist)

Important Medical/Educational History:

  • 8 year old 1st grader in Ms. Meltzer’s class
  • Adopted by the Copelands when she was 3 years old
  • Pediatrician diagnosed Lynn with FAS at 5 years old
  • Repeated kindergarten last year
  • Speech and Language evaluation at the beginning of last year

Strengths and Interests:

  • Very friendly
  • Quite verbal
  • Likes to draw
  • Swims
  • Likes to have stories read to her with illustrations
  • Likes to sing
  • Enjoys music
  • Is learning
  • Can read
  • Wants to please

Areas of Concern:

  • Learning but very slowly; spotty memory
  • Needs small group instruction or 1:1
  • Short attention span; frequently of f task
  • Distracts others; speaks out in class
  • Rarely finishes work; tires easily
  • Easily frustrated; gives up easily
  • Difficulty following directions with more than 1 step
  • Too friendly; doesn’t have personal boundaries; can annoy others
  • Change of any sort is very upsetting to L ynn; especially if teacher is absent
  • Demands more attention than able to give
  • Needs specialized assistance in mathematics
  • Lagging behind in written language

What’s Been Tried So Far:

  • Seat is up front, right next to teacher’s desk
  • Behavior modification (does not work)
  • Responds to positive reinforcement
  • Buddy sits next to Lynn and gives directions (helps occasionally)
  • Works in small groups or 1:1 when possible
  • Attends “Special Friends” with counselor
  • Incomplete work sent home
  • Fluid communication with parents
  • Attends Speech and Language 2x a week

What Needs to Be Done Next:

  • Try to get the same substitute teacher–Ms. Meltzer-Classroom Teacher
  • Prepare parents for any changes to schedule–Ms. Meltzer & The Copelands
  • Modify class assignments; shorten them–Ms. Meltzer
  • Teacher gives individual instructions and in chunks–Ms. Meltzer
  • OT evaluation suggested b/c tires easily when writing–OT
  • Psychoeducational evaluation suggested to determine Lynn’s ability and her achievement; give insight into her attention issues, learning strengths, and weaknesses–District Psychologist-Ms. Leitner & Resource Specialist-Mr. Barber
  • Schedule an IEP meeting when the evaluations are complete (within legal timeframe)–Special Education Secretary/ Resource Specialist
  • Speech and Language Specialist will present her observations and goals for Lynn at the IEP meeting–Speech & Language Specialist – Ms. Rambler