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Difficulty with Abstract & Conceptual Thinking

Tell me, I forget
Show me, I remember
Involve me, I understand
Chinese Proverb

Abstract reasoning and conceptual thinking are often problem areas for the FASD student. These thinking skills require the ability to understand relationships and ideas that are in our mind. Abstractions and concepts change or vary given the situation. These skills work together to provide guidelines and an understanding to our world. The following characteristics describe FASD students who have difficulty with abstract and conceptual thinking:

  • Does not understand consequences
  • Does not generalize learning to new situations
  • Does not understand cause-and-effect
  • Has difficulty understanding similarities and differences between events
  • Has difficulty with concepts, such as money and time
  • Has difficulty interpreting verbal information
  • Does not complete homework
  • Has difficulty with social skills
  • Tries hard but fails
  • Is disappointed and frustrated
  • Has poor self-esteem
  • Is stubborn