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Provide a Structured Environment

A structured environment is critical for the FASD student. These students need reliable order. Providing structure helps them with their internal confusion. When students can rely on consistent external structure, they do not need to exert energy interpreting their environment.

Structure the Environment

Plan and organize each lesson

Teach a few simple rules

  • Make them concrete rules, such as “don’t hit”
  • Write them down
  • Use picture cues
  • Review rules
  • Practice rules
  • Use the same language when teaching and enforcing rules
  • Enforce the rules in a consistent manner
  • Give consequences immediately when a rule is broken

Simplify student notebooks & belongings

  • Use one notebook for all subjects
  • Color code dividers for each subject
  • Have student keep a 2nd set of books at home
  • Require a school backpack for supplies, lunch, gloves, hat, etc.

Keep communication open between home and school

  • Include a daily homework sheet in the student’s notebook that requires a parent/guardian signature