The Duke Faculty Write Program focuses on building communities of writers through writing-based experiences—such as immersive writing retreats, multidisciplinary writing groups, workshops, and conversations with guest speakers—to advance faculty writing, pedagogy, and research as well as the overall experience of writing (in) the academy.

As educators, researchers, and administrators we are constantly writing: grants, program reports and assessments, article and book manuscripts, course syllabi and assignments, and conference presentations, to name a few. And although we work in a vibrant intellectual community, too often these writing endeavors are solitary.

Adding the dimension of community to our writing lives opens up possibilities for collaborating with other writers who also are advancing their scholarly endeavors. Combining the often solitary activity of writing with the social exchange of ideas, struggles, strategies, and drafts can lead not only to a more productive and less isolating writing life in the academy, but also an enriching one that values the lived experience as much as the final product. As a community of writers, we exchange ideas, share and receive feedback on our work, and show up for our own writing by showing up for each other.