Platform Infrastructure

computer with stopwatchGoal

Provide stable technology infrastructure with 99% uptime to users. Upgrade DukeExtend from Open edX Dogwood release to Eucalyptus release, with less than 8 hours of downtime overall.

Current Status

Since April 1, DukeExtend service has had no extensive downtime, apart from 3 hours of anticipated downtime during the scheduled upgrade to Eucalyptus (Downtime report).

Course Development


Select and run 4 courses on the DukeExtend platform through 2016-2017 school year, according to Timeline.

Current Status

Each course project is running on time in their (adjusted) respective schedules.

Evaluation and Feedback


Gather quantitative and qualitative feedback valuable in deciding whether or not to move platform into production.

Current Status

We collected and evaluated feedback from staff, faculty and at least 15% of students involved in the pilot.