What is DukeExtend?

Duke Extend provides Duke faculty with a way to offer online modules to Duke students, selected groups of learners beyond the university, or even the entire world. Duke Extend also hosts extracurricular and co-curricular courses for the Duke University community. Duke Extend gives you the ability to:

learning pathwaysBuild and deliver flexible content

Use Duke Extend to deliver full online courses or smaller, modular content. Courses can be offered ‘on-demand’ (always available to students) or ‘session-based’ (run for a limited time).

Get support that meets your teaching needs

Duke University operates Duke Extend using the Open edX technology developed by MIT and Harvard University. Duke Extend can be customized to meet your specific course/teaching needs and integrates with other Duke learning tools (example: Warpwire video platform). Faculty can manage users and groups through the Duke NetID authentication system.

moocReach global audiences of any size

Duke Extend courses can enroll large audiences of learners at and/or beyond Duke.