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Home from College

From Duke student Ginger del Real:

I am working as a Campus Lead for a startup called Home From College that I believe will greatly benefit my peers. HFC is a digital platform providing access to mentorships and enhanced learning during this time of isolation. The purpose of this platform is to provide students with engaging content through an interactive speaker series from business leaders, innovators and trendsetters across different industries. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, be placed in mentorship programs and have Zoom coffee chats with speakers of their choice. 

Reach out to Ginger ( with any questions.

Durham, NC – Momentum – Coding Bootcamp

Intro to Momentum

Momentum is a coding bootcamp located in Durham, North Carolina. We are the launch pad for your tech career journey, whether you’re just starting out or already work as a developer. We collaboratively provide relevant skills training focused on the needs of the technology industry and the modern workplace. Our full-time Software Engineering Immersive course is designed to teach you the skills you need to work as a professional web developer.

Marketing Intern

Join Momentum’s marketing team for a challenging and rewarding marketing internship! In this role, you’ll work collaboratively with the marketing team to help in the development of the Momentum brand through a variety of channels, leveraging copy-writing and tech/engineering skills. Here you’ll work with the industry’s best to evolve the coding bootcamp industry and discover the impact of technology and learning how to code.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Develop creative website, blog, and social content, leveraging copy-writing skills, social media experience, and understanding of coding and technology
  • Assist in developing creative solutions for the brand website, present to internal teams and implement updates leveraging coding/technology skills
  • Explore, evaluate and present emerging marketing, technology and coding bootcamp tools and trends and recommend actions to maximize opportunities for Momentum
  • Work closely with the Marketing Specialist, internal teams and vendors to strategize for a premier event at a major tech industry conference to support brand awareness goals
  • Responsible for tracking performance metrics, organizing data, and implementing optimization plans to ensure weekly goals are met

If interested, please contact:

San Francisco – Contrary – Accelerator

Please check out this message from Contrary!

My name is Thomas Williford, and I’m a team member at Contrary – we’re a university-focused venture fund backed by founders of Facebook, Tesla, Reddit, and many others. I wanted to send you a note to let you know that we released applications for our summer accelerator earlier this month.

For the past three years, we’ve spent every summer building alongside 12 of the top companies across the country in San Francisco. 90% of our teams raise follow-on rounds, with the vast majority coming from top-tier funds like Sequoia and Founders Fund. If you’d be open to sharing the blurb listed below the line with any relevant founders or channels you know in your network, we’d appreciate it. We hope it’s a great opportunity for anyone growing a venture at Duke!

Let me know if you have any questions – thanks!

Thomas Williford

Contrary is a network-driven venture fund backed by the founders of Tesla, Reddit, Facebook, and many more. We run a summer accelerator for recent grads and current students from June 15th – early September. Apply today to be considered for a summer accelerator that provides…

  • Up to $500k in funding
  • Office hours and workshops with top entrepreneurs like Ryan Hoover (ProductHunt), Leah Busque (TaskRabbit), and Andrew Chen (a16z)
  • An end-of-summer Demo Day that last year resulted in 90% of teams raising capital, with most raising from top-tier funds including Sequoia, Founders Fund, Kleiner Perkins, and more.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until April 1st. The earlier you apply, the better.

Apply at or reach out to for more info.

Remote – 2020 Worker and Student Financial Health Challenge – Competition

About the competition

Workers and students of the future face challenging trends that may jeopardize their financial health. Rapid technology changes are requiring workers to train and reskill for career advancement, yet costs of education and training programs are rising steadily. The gig economy is growing rapidly, but offers inconsistent income and is an insufficient replacement for traditional jobs.

There is a need for fintech products, services, and partnerships that help people prepare for the economies of the future by addressing the barriers to affordable training, education, and opportunity.

On October 24, the Financial Solutions Lab launched its sixth challenge, to advance the financial health of workers and students who are developing in-demand skills that prepare them for the future of work. The challenge will cultivate, support and scale fintech solutions that benefit people who face persistent financial health challenges.

Who should appy? 

This Challenge aims to identify and develop fintech solutions and partnerships that are advancing the financial health of workers and students who are developing in-demand skills to prepare them for the future of work.

We are looking for innovative start-ups and nonprofits who are:

  • Providing fintech solutions to the currently employed, either full-time or as a participant in the gig economy.
  • Addressing the challenges of building the workforce of the future, including helping workers access training or seek higher education to either enter, rejoin, or advance their careers.

What do selected companies recieve? 

Fintech organizations will receive:

  • Up to $125,000 in capital.
  • Professional services assistance from industry leaders.
  • Mentorship from the Financial Health Network and JPMorgan Chase employees.

How do I apply? 

Follow this link! Applications are accepted through January 6th, 2020.

Remote – Sullivan Foundation Award School – Grant Matching Program

Sullivan Foundation Award School Matching Grant Programs

$5,000 Matching Grant

1. There are a limited number of these matching grants available and these are only open to Sullivan Award Schools and not Sullivan Schools with Endowments.

2. Sullivan will match an amount of at least $5,000. This fund may be used by your students, faculty or staff for Sullivan Programming including Ignite Retreats, Field Trips, Faculty Summits, Study Abroad and any future programming offered by the Sullivan Foundation.

3. Funds may be used for registration fees for the above indicated events only. The funds may not be used for travel costs or third-party expenses.

4. Because we want to encourage many students and faculty/staff to engage in our study abroad programming, only $1,000 per student may be used from the Fund for Study Abroad registration expenses. Matching funds may be used to pay 100% of registration fees for Sullivan Ignite Retreats, Field Trips, Faculty Summits or Gatherings. Additional programming may be added.

5. Each participating campus will be asked to appoint a campus liaison or point of contact for the Foundation. This liaison will verify the students and faculty/staff that may use the matching grant funds for their school. The liaison will also share information about Sullivan programming opportunities with students and faculty on their campus.

6. For schools that fund their match from sponsors, the Foundation will produce a professional video about the event, in which the sponsored students participate. The video will include interviews with the school’s students. The school may provide this video to the sponsor and the sponsor may use it to share their involvement in helping students and the school.

$500 Matching Grant

1. Sullivan is offering a $500 matching grant to Sullivan Award schools for students, faculty or staff that attend Sullivan programming. The student, faculty or staff match should come from a local sponsor from the business community. The goal of this matching grant initiative is to engage the school’s community in social impact giving. The funds may be applied to any Sullivan programming.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Kevin Seddon by email at or by calling him directly at 662.816.5964. The matching funds provided by the Foundation are limited, so  the Foundation will approve participants on a first-come, first-served basis until the available matching funds are exhausted.