Who we are

sp0t is the open world social app. Users build out their world by “spotting” — sharing photos and videos of cool places to a map shared with friends.   We’re a team of two that set out to build sp0t because we were sick of the social media landscape and wanted a cooler way to share what we found interesting about the world. We’re one developer and one designer, and we graduated from UNC in 2019.   The role

We’re looking for a software engineering intern to build out sp0t’s iOS app. You will be working directly with an experienced product team to bring a consumer product to market. sp0t is an early-stage startup, so expect an environment that requires fast learning and a high degree of autonomy. If there’s a need, this role may expand to adjacent areas such as quality assurance/software testing or analyzing user engagement and retention data.   This position will be paid hourly. A strong performance could lead to a salaried full-time role with equity.   What you’ll do

– Build out sp0t’s core features for a beta launch this summer– Iterate on customer feedback for a widespread launch on NC campuses this fall– Develop a test plan to ensure successful deployment of updates   About you

– Pursuing a Computer Science degree (or related field)– 2+ years of CS classes or relevant experience under your belt– Strong knowledge of Swift and iOS frameworks– Experience working with backend database and API’s   Bonus

– Demonstrated experience building an iOS app in the past– Familiarity with user engagement/retention tools like Adobe Analytics and Mixpanel– Experience building spatial and AR software in Unity– Living in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill this summer