Innovative encryption startup, OptimalCipher (, is seeking a Head of Development/Chief IT Architect (HOD) to help develop company products and drive technical architecture. Setting company direction with the CEO and COO–work would include:   1) Creating requirements for an encryption “middleware” solution that can service multiple industries.2) Driving design and development of the middleware solution, as per the requirements in #1. Note that doing some amount of programming in C#, C++, Javascript, or other key languages will be required.3) Researching and deciding on product implementation options—such as use of a proxy; end-point agent vs. virtual appliance form factors; developing software using reusable components; scalable integration patterns with current popular IT platforms (via APIs, SDKs); and security ramifications of different architecture choices.4) Growing the development team; including helping to manage one current contractor.  

The overall product domain involves security, analytics, and applications (cloud, desktop, and mobile). The firm’s internal pace moves quickly. The company’s current leadership includes:   • CEO/CTO: an MIT PhD and former IT Security executive at leading financial services companies (; COO: an accomplished corporate IT executive, Board Chair, and successful entrepreneur (; and an interim Sales & Marketing Head.• Four senior corporate IT executives (former CIOs and VPs), as well as a mathematician, PhD, with over 20 published computer science and mathematics articles–as advisors.   The firm has one customer; has obtained multiple patents; and has developed multiple potential MVPs for popular cloud platforms, as well as a demo mobile app.   The startup is in the greater NYC area; and while it would be nice–it’s not required for the HOD to also be there.   The HOD can be part-time if desired (at the very least, until sustained growth has been achieved). Software development experience is a must. previous startup experience and IT security expertise would be great. Experience with third-party integrations with Microsoft Teams would be a plus; but is not required. The HOD’s compensation will be heavy in equity.   Please reach out, or send a resume to if interested; or please forward this to others who may be.