Looking for a side job this fall? Looking for an internship next summer? Apollo Endeavors is looking for engineers and designers to work with start-ups and businesses around the country.

Apollo is a network of top students from Duke, Stanford, and Harvard that provides students with opportunities to work on paid projects and full or part-time internships.

At Apollo you would join one of our core teams:

Engineering – Software (Web, Mobile, Server), Data Science (Visualizations, Database Engineering), and Machine Learning (Regression, NLP, Computer Vision)

Design – Static Website Creation, UI/UX design (Web, Mobile), Content Creation

This is a chance to build out your resume, get paid, and secure unique internship opportunities. The ideal candidate not only needs to have the effective hard skills, but needs to be organized and an effective communicator.

Compensation is between $1,000-$4,000/project (~$20/hr) based on a number of performance based incentives as well as project duration.

Learn More & Apply Here: https://link.apolloendeavors.com/Join