NetApp Data Explorers – Durham, NC Pilot

Program Manager Job Description

In partnership with ChickTech; v: 1.8.21


NetApp works with organizations across all sectors helping them unlock the power of the cloud and data to advance their mission and accelerate their digital transformation.  As the company continues to grow, it is pursuing new ways to foster its commitment to giving back and engaging its employees across the globe in the communities where they live and work.  A pillar of the company’s community efforts focuses on empowering young people and leaders with new learning experiences and tools to become more data literate as they tackle social issues. To advance and further innovate around its community impact efforts, NetApp is piloting a new social impact program called NetApp Data Explorers.

NetApp Data Explorers

NetApp Data Explorers is a new social impact program with the mission to empower 12-16 year-olds to discover and develop critical data science skills and fluency that enable them to thrive and take action in a data-driven world.  The experience engages students in a learning journey that inspires exploration, investigation and problem-solving with data focusing on one or more social issues relevant to their lives.  These social issues will naturally align with the UN Sustainable Development goals.  The program, offered during afterschool time, meets weekly like a club for 90 minutes over the course of 10 weeks.

NetApp is partnering with leading STEM education and youth development nonprofits to test a leading customized curriculum developed by TERC and hands-on learning experiences via pilots in the U.S. and India where the company has an office presence and can engage its employees as volunteers.  Durham, NC is the U.S. pilot location where NetApp has a large employee population and a long-term commitment to working with youth in the community to build critical STEM skills.

Durham Data Explorers Pilot

NetApp is planning to partner with ChickTech, a long-time NetApp community partner, to bring the Data Explorers experience to 9th graders this Spring 2021.  ChickTech will be recruiting 20 students for the pilot and providing volunteer mentors.  In addition, the ChickTech team is looking for a Program Manager to oversee the day-to-day needs of the pilot program’s implementation which is planned to occur between April-June 2021.  The Program Manager will engage in program planning prior to launch and stay in role to wrap-up program details by early July.  This role includes:

  • Supporting ChickTech team with the recruitment of students for a cohort of 20
  • Overseeing all pilot program communications with students and parents
  • Handling the distribution of program materials bag at program onset
  • Checking in with students to ensure they are attending, trouble shooting any technology challenges and helping point them to support to answer any curriculum-related questions
  • Ensuring all students participate in pre- and post-evaluation surveys and collecting data
  • Maintaining correspondence with NetApp and ChickTech teams around pilot program status
  • Coordinating NetApp volunteer engagement
  • Responding to any needs that arise from TERC teaching team and/or NetApp

Time Allocation, Salary, Other

  • This role is part-time; approximately 20 hours a week
  • Program Manager to supply his/her own laptop and technology to execute role
  • Salary to be $6,500 (NOTE: 16 weeks, 20 hours/week at $20/hour)

Please send a brief statement of interest and resume to Tanja Jackman,