Company Description:

TutorTies has developed a swipe-to-match iOS mobile application to match college tutors and students with subject, class, and even teacher commonalities. Profiles are built and our algorithm matches students and tutors based on their profile similarities. Upon matching, a chat room is prompted, sessions are scheduled and confirmed, and payment is initiated.

Job Position:

After seeing success at USC, TutorTies is looking for a student to take on a Managing Director role at Duke. The Managing Directors’ responsibility would be to grow TutorTies and fully operate it at Duke. TutorTies will provide everything in terms of the mobile application, data storage, etc. A Managing Director would ultimately be getting hands-on experience growing a company (without any of the costs/risks), gain experience forming and running their own team, and develop skills to add to resume. Additionally, Managing Directors will be compensated.

We are ideally looking for Sophomores, but encourage all students to apply.

If you are interested in applying or would like more information, feel free to email Kyle Adomian at or text him at (818)-916-6221.