Black Fire Ventures wants to continue its projects this Fall and are looking for new students to join the following teams:

  • Gaming
  • Elephants
  • Journalism
  • Venture Capital
  • Strategy

The Specific Skills BFV is looking for from these students include:

  1. Game Developers experience using Unity (2)
  2. Electrical Engineer gaming (1)
  3. Applied Mathematics (1)
  4. Marketing/Communications/PR (1)
  5. Mobile Application Development (we have someone in mind but would like an option) (1)

In general, any student with a background in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Business Administration, and related fields are welcome to apply.

We’re actually looking to hire more students for part-time internships (10-20 hours per week) for a 10-week internship from August 17th to October 26th.

Here’s a link to a document with more information about each team:

Apply here:

Questions? Email