The American Underground and Discover Durham collaborated with local restaurants to launch a site that allows local residents to order from local establishments and receive their food at a convenient, nearby drop-off point. This is important as it cuts out the Grubhub type apps that are charging 30% for their delivery service and eliminating small business profit/break-even.

Durham Delivers ( is a clean, one-page site focused on driving support of Durham restaurants and building community among residents. The site showcases restaurants offering one-stop delivery to neighborhood parks/common areas on a rotating basis every Friday and Saturday. Residents can visit the site, see which restaurants are delivering to their neighborhood park and when, and click away from the page directly to the restaurant of their choosing. When the food is delivered, residents can enjoy eating together or taking the food home. And know they’re supporting local restaurants.

There is no fee for the delivery and restaurants are able to keep more of their margins by not using other delivery apps. Discover Durham and other partners will lead the marketing and promotion of this and will rely on neighborhood listservs to drive interest in the service.

It’s roughly 8-10hrs/week max and focused on marketing the program to area residents, collaborating with participating residents to ensure logistics and operations are smooth, and expanding the program beyond the initial pilot of 8 restaurants.

Unfortunately, because this is all volunteer driven, we do not have funding for this–all resources are going to the restaurants to keep them alive right now.

If interested please email