Summer Entrepreneurship Program Director

Program Directors at Young Founders Institute are responsible for planning, preparing, and leading teams of teen entrepreneurs through the process of building companies. Our Young Founders are embarking on an exciting life journey that is both strenuous and rewarding. The Program Director’s job is to lead them through the process on an emotional and social level. The YFI Summer Program is a 2-week experience where Young Founders work in small teams to build new companies entirely from scratch all the way to real profit during that time. An experienced team of entrepreneurship facilitators and mentors is also part of the team that guides the founders on their journey.

Location: Fully remote. Reliable, high-speed internet is a must.

Requirements: Program Directors are social, fun-loving, group-oriented people. They are sensitive to the needs of both individuals and groups. They should either have or be seeking a 4-year college degree full time.

Benefits: Paid position | Personal and professional skills learned at Young Founders Institute are applicable to many experiences for years to come:

  •  Startup experience: gain real world exposure working with company founders on a daily basis and supporting startups in the program.
  •  Leadership and responsibility: guide 15 teenagers in all social and reflective aspects of the program.
  •  Entrepreneurial mindset: develop your entrepreneurial mindset and skills in customer discovery, MVP development, sales and marketing, design thinking, and leadership.
  •  Networking opportunities: Spend two weeks connecting with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and top business school professors from one of the leading startup hot spots in the US.
  •  Creativity and innovation: build new companies in a fun and exciting atmosphere.
  •  Relationship building: become a role model by building strong connections with teens and instructors to create a strong community.

Please email your resume to by May 31st, 2020