From Duke Alum Les Ottolenghi: Several of the F-500 companies we are consulting with have limited resources to develop Whitepapers for:

1.) the New IT operating models,
2.) new cybersecurity operating models and
3.) Digital Business Transformation Roadmaps including high-level business models?
Would there be an interest from students to develop – per our guidance – and author white papers (max 15-20pp) and an operating model (high level DCF estimates for new business lines) with a roadmap (again 15-20pp). We also have a request for a future of journalism whitepaper — “what does journalism with truth and trust look like in the 21st century — workable models, and a way to re-invent local journalism”

My estimate is 3-4 students to do all three projects or possibly a 5 with a good writer/editor.

Please email if you are interested!