Timeline: Flexible; 10-12 weeks with opportunity for extension depending on needs (May-August)

Location: Remote

Company Description: Carbon Insights (“carbIN”) is an early stage fintech company that seeks to empower as many people as possible to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint. Our service automatically analyzes a user’s spending data to estimate their personalized carbon footprint, recommends actions to reduce their carbon footprint, and connects them with trusted, verified carbon offset providers to offset any remaining footprint.

Role Description: Unpaid full-time or part-time internship (20-40 hours a week) for an undergraduate intern with software engineering experience (Python + Django, other full-stack experience preferred) that could help accelerate the development of our API this summer.

Specifically, the team member would complete three main tasks:

  1. Full-stack Development Scoping (1-2 weeks) – The intern will evaluate the most popular stack architectures, identify pros/cons of each design, outline potential risks/synergies with integration with business customer platforms
  2. Identify Leading Software Strategies and Scope (1 week) – The intern will work with the co-founders to identify the full-stack development option that is best suited for the project. The intern will help develop a roadmap for software development based on the selected stack strategy combined with the product strategy and potential user feedback.
  3. Develop a Minimum Viable Product/Prototype (7-8 weeks) – The intern will begin executing the software development roadmap by developing basic proof-of-concept software. Focus will be on back-end software first. The initial alpha model is in Python, so potentially support translating that to a server-side software may be needed (if Python + Django is determined not to be a good route). By the end of the term, the intern will ideally have developed a prototype back-end software that can be used as a minimum viable product.

If interested, please contact shannon.parker499@duke.edu.