About this Job

Seeking an entrepreneurial new or recent college grad to be the “right-hand” person to the owner and President of our Bay Area (CA) company. This is an outstanding opportunity to work directly with the owner of this small consumer eCommerce and manufacturing company. You will learn about all aspects of the business, and get excellent general management, business development, operations and marketing training and experience. Training and mentorship to be provided by the business owner. This role offers a rare opportunity for a young person to gain exposure to every element of this small, growing company, and to have a real impact on company progress and growth. Projects will include business development initiatives, financial analysis, operational analysis, marketing efforts and much more.

About FoamOrder.com

FoamOrder.com is a leading consumer and B2B eCommerce destination for those seeking foam cushions, covered cushions, 100% organic latex mattresses and toppers, neoprene, and other foam products. We serve customers around the world via our website, and do all of our own manufacturing/fabrication in our facility in Richmond, CA.

Sample projects might be:

  • Pursue new lines of business through industry research, marketing and outreach. Pursue and respond to inquiries from potential customers to drive sales revenue
  • Analyze past purchase data to determine which types of customers are buying which products
  • Conduct fixed and variable cost analysis to determine business line profitability
  • Help develop our social media strategy and presence to drive greater customer engagementand sales volume
  • Manage our Amazon and other online channels of business with responsibility to grow revenue through creative ideas and solid execution
  • Design, place and analyze customer surveys
  • Conduct competitive product and price analysis and evaluate competitive positioning to influence company pricing and product strategy
  • Evaluate opportunities to make our manufacturing process more efficient via new equipment purchases or changes in operational procedures.

Ideal Candidate Characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Eager to explore growth opportunities and try new things.
  • Comfortable finding their own way with limited direction or guidance.
  • Comfortable in less structured or uncertain environments.
  • Able to adapt easily to change.
  • Proactive and opportunistic.
  • Will independently seek to learn all aspects of the business, and will continually strive to identify new opportunities across multiple dimensions of company operations (marketing, finance, operations, new business development, etc.).
  • Ownership Mindset: Will approach the business and its challenges as if they are an owner, and will consistently look for opportunities to improve all aspects of the business.
  • Independent: After initial training period when work will be closely directly by company President, able to develop an increasingly independent work mindset and drive projects and work products independently.

Ideal Candidate Skills:

  • Strong selling/business development skills.
  • Able to do internet/industry research to identify potential customers by industry, and to network or cold-call to those potential customers to solicit company relationships.
  • Excellent analytical skills. Comfortable with data, financials and analysis. Excellent excel
    skills. Able to take incomplete or imperfect data and turn it into analysis that can help the
  • Excellent written, verbal communication skills. Ability to interact with many different types of employees and customers successfully, from our warehouse workers to corporate customers.

Preferred Experience:

  • Graduating college senior or recent graduate (1-4 years) with relevant internship/work experience, especially in small business or internet/ecommerce/manufacturing
  • Small business experience a big plus
  • Comfort with online research, extensive use of internet and social media a plus
  • Strong analytical skills. Proficient in MS Excel and other analytical resources. Ability to work with an manipulate large data sets with use of tools such as pivot tables, lookup functions, etc.
  • Preference for engineering degrees, but open to all fields of study

Richmond (Berkeley area), California

Pay Rate: Based on Experience
Duration: Expected to be a minimum of 2-years. Owner looks forward to working with someone who can be with the company for the long term. However, if candidate intends to move on after a few years, owner will be happy to network for the candidate to help them find their next position or graduate program.

Company Details
Company Size: 10 – 20 employees
Industry: Internet & Software industry, Manufacturing Home Design/Decor
Company Type: eCommerce/Manufacturing
Headquarters: Richmond, CA

Contact Information: Please send resume and cover letter to business owner at mikehandelsman@foamorder.com .