RoadNation is a platform where artists and fans create tours together. An artist starts a RoadNation campaign by selecting the states she wants to tour and offering fans rewards for three contribution levels. The artist sets a “city goal” which is the total amount of contributions that guarantees a city will be included in the tour. Fans select a city and make a contribution for the reward of their choice. Fans also get exclusive content made available by the artist during the campaign and tour. Once total contributions meet the city goal, the city is confirmed. Artists book shows in the confirmed cities at the end of the campaign.

We need a graphic design student who is a creative individual with access to professional photo editing software to help us make approximately 10 post templates for RoadNation’s social media pages and ad placements. We have an idea of what each template should look like and the information that it should contain, but we are also open to the individual’s creative ideas and suggestions. This will be a great opportunity for the student to gain experience and build their resume and portfolio.

For more information, please email