Banish is not just a skincare company; it is a revolution to empower us to be the best version of who we are. We do not believe in cliche beauty standards; ‘poreless’, ‘anti-aging’ and ‘flawless’, do not exist in our vocabulary. Instead, we want each individual to love themselves the way they are and feel confident from the inside out.

We can’t do it alone. That is why we are looking for a Marketing Associate to help spread this mission to others. This rockstar marketing associate will work directly with the CEO and marketing team to implement never before marketing tactics to grow the cult brand. This rockstar will embody the core values of Banish: innovative, results oriented, reliable, consistent, humble, flexible, and have a can-do attitude! This is a completely remote full-time position, so work at home in your PJs, with 50% flexible hours. From the job requirements, we value cultural fit with the position much more than skills. At Banish, we believe in empowering you to develop your skills!

Role includes:
CEO Story and brand awareness: writing articles for news publications, blogs, etc. on behalf of company and CEO
Managing image of CEO: writing articles, crafting social media images, writing correspondence, etc.
Partnerships: Brainstorming and collaborating with other brands, social organizations and influencers
Outreach: Reaching out to media publications and establishing relationship, if you read this, please insert the word ‘tea’ in the upper right-hand corner of your cover letter,and following up with partners

Personality traits:
-You have incredible follow through;
-You are the most reliable of your friends; your word is your honor
-You are painstakingly determined; you will not stop until it gets done!
-You are highly flexible: you are able to shift gears, have days where you work on one project at once and others where you suddenly have 5 projects due the next day
-You have the ability to prioritize: you realize that not every task or project needs the same amount of focus, money, and energy
-You have a genuine interest in people, are curious about them, and can read people well. You do well in observing group dynamics
-You are incredibly consistent: you are described by your group of friends as predictable, reliable, and consistent. If you say you’ll show up to a party, you will no matter if you don’t feel like it.
-You have the highest sense of integrity. You do the right thing even when no one is looking.
-You have the ability to take on a project with no guidance/training and be able to run with it with results and feedback
-You have the ability to work with those from other cultures in a global team

-You are a social media wizard: we mean you KNOW social media like the back of your hand. You know the latest tips and tricks to grow an audience and engage with your followers
-You have great communication and article writing skills
-You know everything going on in the beauty and social media realm

Preferred skills:
-Fluent in Photoshop and video editing
-Skilled in product photography and editing

-Programming knowledge

To apply, please include:
-cover letter: Please explain 3 factors that most excite you about this opportunity and 2 reasons for considering a job change
In a paragraph, explain 3 critical factors for a social media brand to succeed and what brand on social media u predict to grow quickly

-Updated resume
-If you’re a college student or recent grad, please include a copy of your transcript

Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time


  • programming: 1 year (Required)
  • Adobe Photoshop: 1 year (Required)


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)

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