Looking for talented frontend developers to work on an innovative social media app that focuses on online privacy and free speech.  Super flexible work environment. Competitive pay. Potential equity upside in the project. Work with veteran Internet entrepreneurs and developers. Email/message me if interested or know of people who would be interested. sinclair210@gmail.com

Hello Talented iOS/Android Developer!

Life is too short, so you obviously want to work on products and technologies that matter 🙂

Ideally, your code will help change the world for the better, it will power products used by millions of people and it might even make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! Ideally…

Realistically, what we can offer you with certainty is:

  • An exciting and challenging project that combines online privacy, freedom of speech, and the blockchain, three of the most important topics for the future of the Internet
  • A flexible work environment tailored for all female/male/non-binary individuals who like to work smart, collaborate, create, learn and get things done, all this with a great attitude
  • Competitive pay with an opportunity to get unique upside in our project
  • An opportunity to work with veteran Internet entrepreneurs and developers

We are developing an innovative social media app that focuses on free speech and privacy, enabled by the blockchain. In this digital surveillance economy, we see ourselves among the last guardians of free speech and privacy, so it will help if you have somewhat of a libertarianand egalitarian streak. But if you don’t, that’s OK. Since we’re about free speech, wewelcome every opinion and every type of competent and driven individual, we also love originals and social misfits 😉

It would be awesome if you have a proven app development track record like this:

  • Successful software development experience and iOS/Android skills development
  • Have published at least one original iOS or Android app
  • Hands-on experience with iOS and Android SDKs
  • Experience with storage systems, cloud infrastructure, front-end frameworks, APIs/SDKs,unit-testing, REST APIs, JSON
  • Demonstrated experience with programming languages, frameworks, and libraries such asPython, Java, Javascript, Swift/Xcode, C++, React, React Native, Node, Typescript
  • Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies
  • Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject

Come meet our fun, iconoclastic and ambitious team, led by a very successful veteran Internet entrepreneur! Our team is not afraid to undertake major development cycles to have significant social impact. Join our cause (or at least come check it out)

Please email Antoine Toffa at antoinektoffa@gmail.com or text at +1-303-475-2526.