Abranova Real Estate is a full-stack construction development company. The core mission of the company is to democratize real estate development by providing investment opportunities to everyone through our real estate crowdfunding platform. Our investors are families; professionals; businessmen and equity institutions, just to name a few. We indulge our passion for data analytics, simulation technologies and construction management to handpick and develop the most profitable real estate deals in the city. We shoot for projects that are not only profitable, but also transform the landscape of our cities and enrich people’s lives.

We’ve recently been successful in crowdfunding and completing a $2.5M subdivision completion project that’s based here in Durham. With our formidable team of Duke Engineers and MBAs, we’re already gearing up for our 2019 project, a $16 MM mixed-used development dubbed Nova RTP. Groundbreaking this year will be the first phase, a $10 MM contemporary smart-townhomes community. Fully integrated with smart appliances, AI, electric car charging stations, and so much more! The city of Durham has never seen anything like it before.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial and well-rounded engineers, finance, marketing and other talented interns who believe in the mission of democratizing real estate development to bring more value to society and enrich people’s lives. There’ll be opportunity for tremendous learning experience related to construction, finance, marketing, software and sales – to name a few.

For more information on the details of the internships, pleas contact us –