I’m a Duke alum & startup founder. My company, Toucan AI, just raised its first round of funding, and is starting to hire as we expand our team. Here is a description for the job that we’re hiring for:

We’re looking for someone interested in pushing the boundaries of open NLP problems like neural question answering, question generation, emotion analysis, and open-domain casual conversation. We’re a young startup looking to make our first hires, so applicants can expect to play a key role in making product and business decisions. The ideal candidate is/has:

– Some experience with Natural Language Processing, either research or practical

– Experience coding in Python

– Familiar with modern machine learning & deep learning techniques (ideally, but not necessarily, in the PyTorch framework)

– Preferably familiar with a React-based web-development stack

The positions we are looking for can be remote but on-site is preferred.

If you’re interested in learning more about these opportunities, please send your resume to Arjun Devarajan at arjun@toucanai.com!

Thanks so much!