November is a month for giving thanks.  I am grateful to work on a Bass Connections team of such wonderful people.  In our latest meeting we discussed our progress to date with regard to both the Activity Finder App and the research manuscript.  Additionally, we had a lengthy, valuable discussion about the spin-off study we plan to do in the spring.  We hope to continue gathering data for the study that was conducted last year (8 weeks of strength training and its effect on positive body image) while also introducing some new topics to be investigated.  The team plans to begin IRB writing shortly, as we hope to begin the spin-off study in January 2017.

On a different note, you’ve all heard of “No Shave November,” right? Well, I introduce to you “No Excuse November.” November is a month filled with giving thanks. We should be thankful for all that our body can do for us and treat it with the respect it deserves!  For the month of November, I challenge you to eliminate all of your excuses that prevent you from working out.

Do something active every day – I promise your body will thank you for it!e0e2e0ca5bcd531c304eeafbef691294