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Digest: Salamanders’ slow slither into genomic gigantismGenetic drift and mutational hazard in the evolution of salamander genomic gigantismDodsworth2016/11/14
Digest: Females that look alike do not always mate alikePoison frog color morphs express assortative mate preferences in allopatry but not sympatryNagel2016/11/17
Digest: The key to pollen-stigma dimorphisms: dissecting the functional significance of the heterostylous syndromeExperimental insights on the function of ancillary pollen and stigma polymorphisms in plants with heteromorphic incompatibilityKreiner2016/11/14
Digest: Live fast or slow? Temperature does not impose selection on metabolic rateColder environments did not select for a faster metabolism during experimental evolution of Drosophila melanogasterFabian2016/11/14
Digest: For the Stickleback it’s not just size that matters, but how he builds it.Environmental change mediates mate choice for an extended phenotype, but not for mate qualitySimcock2016/11/14
Digest: Ant workers might use ancient regulatory pathways to divide labourTesting the reproductive groundplan hypothesis in ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)Ernst2016/11/14
Digest: Mechanisms of assortative mating and ecological speciationAdaptive, but not condition-dependent, body shape differences contribute to assortative mating preferences during ecological speciationIngley2017/11/24
Digest: Fitness gains in guppies support evolution’s role in coexistenceThe evolution of coexistence: Reciprocal adaptation promotes the assembly of a simple communityLyberger2017/11/24
Digest: Experimental evolution drives the formation of functional mitonuclear associationsSex-specific mitonuclear epistasis and the evolution of mitochondrial bioenergetics, ageing and life history in seed beetlesMcAssey2016/12/6
Digest: Toward predicting evolutionary response to environmental change: the power of integrated experimental and genetic studiesAdaptive divergence in flowering time among natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana: estimates of selection and QTL mappingOpedal2017/12/9
Digest: On the temporal evolution of reproductive isolationEvolution of reproductive isolation in stickleback fishIngley2016/12/20
Digest: Female squid influence insemination success after mating to show a preference for smaller malesImpact of cryptic female choice on insemination success: Larger sized and longer copulating male squid ejaculate more, but females influence insemination success by removing spermatangiaHarrison2016/12/28
Digest: Sticklebacks don’t just go with the flow: genetic differentiation between lake and stream populations due to more than just geographic distancePartitioning the effects of isolation by distance, environment, and physical barriers on genomic divergence between parapatric threespine sticklebackRichards2016/12/6
Digest: Evolve wisely—some ant defense strategies paved way to diversification, and others to a dead endDefensive traits exhibit an evolutionary trade-off and drive diversification in antsRehm2016/12/24
Digest: Songs of the sea: mammalian vocalizations in aquatic and terrestrial environmentsDoes size matter? Examining the drivers of mammalian vocalisationsBarker2016/12/24
Digest: Why are there no ring species?Barriers to gene flow and ring species formationVijay2016/12/24
Digest: Climate Effects on Chipmunk Cranial MorphologyEvolutionary processes and its environmental correlates in the cranial morphology of western chipmunks (Tamias)Rehm2017/1/13
Digest: Splendid (Continental) RadiationsThe ecology of a continental evolutionary radiation: Is the radiation of sigmodontine rodents adaptive?McLean2017/1/13
Digest: On the independence of aging pathologiesExperimental evolution of slowed cognitive aging in Drosophila melanogasterLohr2017/1/25
Digest: Beating pathogens at their own gameParasites and competitors suppress bacterial pathogen synergistically due to evolutionary trade-offsSinghal2017/1/13
Digest: Prudent self-denial: the advantage of incompatibility in Leavenworthia alabamicaCosts of selfing prevent the spread of a self-compatibility mutation that causes reproductive assuranceHarkness2017/2/27
Digest: Complex dynamics underlie the evolution of imperfect wing pattern convergence in butterfliesDigest: Imperfect Convergence in Butterfly Wing PatternsEarl2017/2/27
Digest: Less than the Sum of Its Parts: Negative Epistasis in Bacterial SwarmingParallel emergence of negative epistasis across experimental lineagesSinghal2017/2/23
Digest: Old world climates give rise to ‘young’ lizard skullsDevelopmental dynamics of ecomorphological convergence in a transcontinental lizard radiationPowers2017/3/8
Digest: Trait variation in Mimulus provides new evidence for the joint action of ecological sorting and character displacementCompetition drives trait evolution and character displacement between Mimulus species along an environmental gradientEisen2017/3/21
Digest: Trait dependent diversification and its alternativesFiSSE: A simple non-parametric test for the effects of a binary character on lineage diversification ratesPennell2017/5/5
Digest: Cooperators Get Competitive in Mixed CompanyThe evolution of siderophore production as a competitive traitConnelly2017/5/5
Digest: Know your poison: predictable molecular changes confer toxin resistance in snakesConvergent adaptation to dangerous prey proceeds through the same first-step mutation in the garter snake Thamnophis sirtalisDavies2017/4/27
Digest: Plasticity responses help in coping with predation in natureSpatially heterogeneous selection in nature favors phenotypic plasticity in anuran larvaeStein2017/4/25
Digest: For ecologically similar Andean birds, gene flow and plumage uniformity go hand in handConsequences of divergence and introgression for speciation in Andean cloud forest birdsTurbek2017/5/10
Digest: Strengthening the link between sexual selection and colour polymorphismIntensity of male-male competition predicts morph diversity in a colour polymorphic lizardWhite2017/5/22
Digest: Ecological opportunity, competition, and diversity-dependence in macroevolutionInteractions within and between clades shaped the diversification of terrestrial carnivoresStroud2017/6/21
Digest: Floral ambush in the sun: Evolution of flower-dwelling and UV reflectance in crab spidersCorrelated evolution between colouration and ambush site in predators with visual prey luresWeigel2017/6/21
Digest: Using transcriptomics to map parental care behavior in burying beetlesRelating quantitative variation within a behavior to variation in transcriptionFlynn2017/7/7
Digest: Finding new homes: multilevel selection on birth timing and growth in North American red squirrelsMultilevel and sex-specific selection on competitive traits in North American red squirrelsMarvel-Coen2017/6/21
Digest: Shifting Biomes: Insight into patterns of plant radiation and dispersalThe phylogeny and biogeography of Hakea (Proteaceae) reveals the role of biome shifts in a continental plant radiationNash2017/7/7
Digest: Mediating the Impact of Integration in Malagasy CichlidsMalagasy cichlids differentially limit impacts of body shape evolution on oral jaw functional morphologyNavon2017/8/9
Digest: Does intralocus sexual conflict affect cricket nutrition?Little evidence for intralocus sexual conflict over the optimal intake of nutrients for lifespan and reproduction in the black field cricket Teleogryllus commodusIsaacson2017/7/28
Digest: A replication of sexual dimorphisms in size and longevity in a simulated baboon populationExplaining sex differences in lifespan in terms of optimal energy allocation in the baboonAltschul2017/8/24
Digest: Different evolutionary dynamics led to the convergence of clinging performance in lizard toepadsTempo and mode of performance evolution across multiple independent origins of adhesive toe pads in lizardsMurali/Tiatragul2017/8/31
Digest: Premating barriers drive reproductive isolation between two damselfly speciesMechanical and tactile incompatibilities cause reproductive isolation between two young damselfly speciesIsaacson2017/8/24
Digest: Ancient co-dispersals and host shifts in passerine birds - feather mites symbiosis.Detecting ancient co-dispersals and host shifts by double dating of host and parasite phylogenies: Application in proctophyllodid feather mites associated with passerine birdsSahoo2017/8/24
Digest: Stabilizing selection on exaggerated phenotypes in a wild populationSelection on an extreme weapon in the frog legged leaf beetle (Sagra femorata)Tiatragul2017/9/18
Digest: Chemical communication and sexual selection in lizardsChemical communication, sexual selection, and introgression in wall lizardsGarcía-Roa2017/9/20
Digest: Frog spots and protein truncations refine G coupled receptor functionDiversification and convergence of aposematic phenotypes: Truncated receptors and cellular arrangements mediate rapid evolution of coloration in harlequin poison frogsGrieco2017/9/27
Digest: Gene duplication and social evolution—Using big, open, data to answer big, open, questions Gene duplication and the evolution of phenotypic diversity in insect societies Harpur and Smith2017/11/6
Digest: Unpacking Fitness Effects of Spontaneous MutationsFitness change in relation to mutation number in spontaneous mutation accumulation lines of Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiSinghal2017/11/6
Digest: Evolution of sperm size and number in external fertilizersEjaculate evolution in external fertilizers: Influenced by sperm competition or sperm limitation?Samani2017/11/21
Digest: Room for geckos of all shapes and sizesCryptic lineage diversity, body size divergence and sympatry in a species complex of Australian lizards (Gehyra)Liedtke2017/11/21
Digest: The effect of the pollinator environment on pollen-related floral traitsGeographic patterns and pollination ecotypes in Claytonia virginicaMadec2017/12/6
Digest: Evolution of female genital shape variation is predicted by ontogeny and evolutionary allometryThe evolution of genital shape variation in female cetaceansLiao2017/12/29
Digest: Drivers of coral diversification in a major marine biodiversity hotspotThe origin and evolution of coral species richness in a marine biodiversity hotspotPérez-Escobar2018/1/10
Digest: Going solo: Development of self-fertilization in haploid algae may not lead to evolutionary declineRepeated evolution and reversibility of self-fertilization in the volvocine green algaeVincent2018/1/9
Digest: Sexual selection and conflict in a novel environment The consequences of sexual selection in well‐adapted and maladapted populations of bean beetlesVincent2018/1/30
Digest: The Red Queen hypothesis demonstrated by the Daphnia‐Caullerya host‐parasite systemParasites driving host diversity: Incidence of disease correlated with Daphnia clonal turnoverMartín‐Peciña, Osuna‐Mascaró2018/1/30
Digest: Shape‐shifting in Solanaceae flowers: The influence of pollinatorsConvergent evolution of floral shape tied to pollinator shifts in Iochrominae (Solanaceae)Dodsworth2018/1/30
Digest: Effects of spatially‐spreading adaptive mutations on genome‐wide diversityHitchhiking in space: Ancestry in adapting, spatially‐extended populationsHartfield2018/3/25
Digest: Plants adapt under attack: genotypic selection and phenotypic plasticity under herbivore pressureInsect herbivory and plant adaptation in an early successional communityHawkins2018/3/31
Digest: Life history evolution in Darwin's dream pondsEffects of parental care on resource allocation into immune defense and buccal microbiota in mouthbrooding cichlid fishesSpagopoulou2018/3/31
Digest: Context matters: the effects of light environment and female presence on the structure of wolf spider courtship displaysDynamic changes in display architecture and function across environments revealed by a systems approach to animal communicationFialko2018/3/31
Digest: Survey of field-based studies identifies trends in maintenance of sexSex in the wild: how and why field‐based studies contribute to solving the problem of sexWerry2018/5/9
Digest: Demographic inferences with selection at linked sites, the first step toward identifying signatures of divergent selectionThe demographic history of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) across its distribution range reconstructed from Approximate Bayesian ComputationsDuranton2018/5/16
Digest: Stress and Inbreeding Depression in Drosophila melanogasterGenome‐wide regulatory deterioration impedes adaptive responses to stress in inbred populations of Drosophila melanogasterAli2018/7/19
Digest: Local adaptation at close quartersLocal adaptation and ecological differentiation under selection, migration and drift in Arabidopsis lyrataSchmidt2018/6/19
Digest: The evolution of sexual imprinting as an assortative mating mechanism developed through reinforcementThe evolution of sexual imprinting through reinforcementAu2018/6/19
Digest: Pursue or ambush? Phenotypic disparity in the carnivore forelimbPhenotypic disparity of the elbow joint in domestic dogs and wild carnivoresEnglish2018/7/4
Digest: Avian adultery and inbreeding avoidance in a socially monogamous fairy-wrenInbreeding, inbreeding depression and infidelity in a cooperatively‐breeding birdPetrosky2018/6/19
Digest: The honesty of aposematic coloration in the six-spot burnet mothSex differences but no evidence of quantitative honesty in the warning signals of six‐spot burnet moths (Zygaena filipendulae L.)Greer2018/6/19
Digest: Ancestry mosaics hint at selection. An alternative to genome scans?Signatures of hybridization and speciation in genomic patterns of ancestryBecher2018/7/9
Digest: Untangling the influence of soft and hard selection in experimental populations – from environment to genomicsExperimental demonstration of the impact of hard and soft selection regimes on polymorphism maintenance in spatially heterogeneous environmentsJimenez-Mena2018/7/9
Digest: How mutational bias could explains the maintenance of sexStabilizing selection, mutational bias and the evolution of sexClo2018/8/13
Digest: Disentangled Bank: Less Diverse Urban Environments Modify the Shape and Magnitude of Natural SelectionConsumer‐resource interactions along urbanization gradients drive natural selectionHood2018/8/12
Digest: Ecological crossover effects on sexual selectionEcological crossovers of sexual signalling in a migratory birdErshova2018/9/5
Digest: The role of the anal plate in Drosophila copulationMechanical incompatibility caused by modifications of multiple male genital structures using genomic introgression in drosophilaWerry2018/10/9
Digest: Hybrid incompatibilities and introgression in wild monkeyflowersA two‐locus hybrid incompatibility is widespread, polymorphic, and active in natural populations of MimulusStitzer2018/10/3
Digest: The Guppy Project: predicting evolution in the wildPredictable adaptive trajectories of sexual coloration in the wild: Evidence from replicate experimental guppy populationsBergen2018/10/9
Digest: Early exposure to facial cues facilitates facial learning in paper waspsDevelopmental plasticity and the origin of novel communication systems: individual recognition in Polistes waspsMuñoz2018/11/11
Digest: Adaptive radiations and the multidimensional nicheMultiple factors behind early diversification of skull morphology in the continental radiation of New World monkeysMaestri2018/10/28
Digest: Experimental evolution provides a window into the evolution of generalized pollinationReal‐time evolution supports a unique trajectory for generalized pollinationEisen2018/10/29
Digest: Adaptation and isolation: Testing genetic and environmental barriers to hybridization in SileneEcological divergence plays an important role in strong but complex reproductive isolation in campions (Silene)Richards2018/12/28
Digest: Plant‐pathogen coevolution extends to shifts in plant breeding systemsThe role of infectious disease in the evolution of females: Evidence from anther‐smut disease on a gynodioecious alpine carnationHawkins2019/1/21
Digest: Disentangling plumage and behavior contributions to iridescent signalsExperimental trait mismatches uncover specificity of evolutionary links between multiple signaling traits and their interactions in hummingbirdsGruson2019/1/20
Digest: How many ways to make a snake? Evidence for historical contingency of the convergence of squamate reptilesThe convergent evolution of snake‐like forms by divergent evolutionary pathways in squamate reptiles. Dolezal2019/1/25
Digest: Evolution of shape and leverage of bird beaks reflects feeding ecology, but not as strongly as expectedThe evolutionary relationship among beak shape, mechanical advantage, and feeding ecology in modern birdsBaeckens2019/1/21
Digest: Little evidence exists for a virulence‐transmission trade‐offVirulence‐driven trade‐offs in disease transmission: A Meta‐analysisBooksmythe2019/3/21
Digest: Ecomorphological convergence across the AtlanticForest Giants on Different Evolutionary Branches: Ecomorphological Convergence in Helicopter DamselfliesIngley2019/4/7
Digest: Linking coordinated shifts in plant resource allocation to a chromosomal inversionMechanisms of a locally adaptive shift in allocation among growth, reproduction, and herbivore resistance in Mimulus guttatusDodsworth2019/4/22
Digest: Banding together to battle adversaries has its consequencesThe costs and benefits of multicellular group formation in algaeSudianto2019/4/22
Digest: The phylogenetic distance effect: Understanding parasite host switchingThe dynamics of preferential host switching: Host phylogeny as a key predictor of parasite distributionFoster2019/5/25
Digest: Unlocking the creative potential of specializationEcological specialization in populations adapted to constant versus heterogeneous environmentsLinscott2019/4/22
Digest: How do nonnative frugivorous birds adapt to life in O'ahu?Rapid morphological change of nonnative frugivores on the Hawaiian island of O'ahuIsaacson2019/5/24
Digest: Colonizing rodents overcome ecological incumbency in an island systemTempo and mode of mandibular shape and size evolution reveal mixed support for incumbency effects in two clades of island‐endemic rodents (Muridae: Murinae)Roycroft2019/5/26
Digest: Fitness costs of Spiroplasma infection in pea aphidsEvolutionary costs and benefits of infection with diverse strains of Spiroplasma in pea aphidsEl-Deeb2019/5/24
Digest: Species collapse from disturbance occurs quickly, and recovery is slowBiodiversity loss through speciation collapse: Mechanisms, warning signals, and possible rescueVanWallendael2019/7/4
Digest: The evolution of sex-specific mating preferences in DrosophilaThe evolution of male and female mating preferences in Drosophila speciationEl-Deeb2019/8/20
Digest: Allometric break between size and shape in Indo-Pacific shore fishesThe influence of size on body shape diversification across Indo‐Pacific shore fishesHerrera-Álvarez2019/8/14
Digest: A clinal polymorphism and life-history adaptations in DrosophilaA clinal polymorphism in the insulin signaling transcription factor foxo contributes to life‐history adaptation in DrosophilaEl-Deeb2019/8/20
Digest: A single genetic origin and a role for bone development pathways in repeated losses of flight in steamer ducksGradual evolution towards flightlessness in steamer ducksOttenburghs, Lele2019/8/20
Digest: Sexual selection and evolution of cognition in seed beetlesSexual selection and the evolution of male and female cognition: a test using experimental evolution in seed beetlesYeung2019/10/4
Digest: White-eyes provide possible solution to the paradox of the great speciatorRapid, complete reproductive isolation in two closely‐related Zosterops White‐eye bird species despite broadly overlapping rangesOttenburghs2019/8/6
Digest: Does sexual conflict complicate a trade-off between fecundity and survival?Sexual dimorphism explains residual variance around the survival‐reproduction tradeoff in lizards: implications for sexual conflict over life‐history evolutionMiller2019/10/3
Digest: Process-based phylogenetic models provide unique insights into the evolution of mutualistic networksInferring processes of coevolutionary diversification in a community of Panamanian strangler figs and associated pollinating waspsKaur2019/10/4
Digest: Biotic interactions shape local adaptation in teosinte populationsAdaptive phenotypic divergence in an annual grass differs across biotic contextsPeede2019/10/6