Drawing on faculty and researchers from a number of Duke University schools and institutes this project takes an interdisciplinary approach, benefiting from expertise in  economics, political science, geo-chemistry, atmospheric sciences, disease research, and engineering.




Marc F. Bellemare, Assistant Professor,  Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota.

Courtney Harrison, Water Policy Associate, Nicholas Institute

Tewodros Rango Godebo, Post Doc, Duke University

 Marc Jeuland, Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Julia Kravchenko, MD, PhD, Research Scientist, Duke Cancer Institute

 Wenhong Li, Assistant Professor of Earth and Oceans Sciences

Peter McCornick, Assistant Director General and Director for Asia, International Water Management Institute

Christopher Paul, Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Policy, Duke University

Erika Weinthal, Associate Professor of Environmental Policy

Avner Vengosh, Professor Earth and Oceans Sciences

Outstanding team of enumerators in the field.