Ethics & practice: developing skills and materials necessary to the ethical conduct of research with human subjects

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Sensitive Subjects: Cuba’s Underground Economy

Heather Settle, a cultural anthropologist, explains how she adapted her data protection protocol when doing research in Cuba after she realized that many more of her subjects were revealing information that might put them at risk than she had originally anticipated.

Indirect Identifiers

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Research & Kids: Culture Guides the Approach

Research that involves children typically requires securing permission from the children’s parents and the assent of the children themselves, but there are exceptions. In these videos, cultural anthropologists Dwayne Dixon and Leigh Campoamor discuss how cultural norms and the circumstances of the children they were studying required that they develop alternative ways for getting permission. Duke University’s guide for conducting research with children appears here.

Cameras in the Sanctuary

Jonathon Dueck, an ethno-musicologist, talks about filming services in three Mennonite Churches and the ways in which the congregations’ authority structures and the nature of their worship services shaped the process of his securing consent.

Rethinking Portraits

Making images can come with risks; this video module discusses strategies for making compelling images about your research without revealing your subjects’ identities.

It’s a Small World After All

Based on a true story, this animation shows how the blog a researcher used to keep friends and family updated about his experiences led to broken relationships and lost opportunities.