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About Me

Hi! My name is Ethan Ho. Thanks for stopping by my Grand Challenge Scholar (GCS) e-portfolio!

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Education: Duke University Class of 2023
Program of Study: Major in Biomedical Engineering, Minors in Computer Science and Chemistry
GCS Focus: Engineer Better Medicines

GSC Motivation:
I have a passion for a wide range of scientific research, including wearable device technology, stem cell research, and biomaterials. Recently, I have focused my attention to wearable device technology and am fascinated to see how consumer wearable devices could detect illnesses before we even know it. Throughout my experience of conducting wearable device studies, I have also seen the hurdles to widely implementing the technology. The cost of consumer wearable devices and low digital health literacy are prominent barriers that prevent people from using wearables as a disease detection tool. I realized that the obstacles of scientific research are not only rooted in science, but the issues also encompass other disciplines.

I believe that being a GCS would allow me the opportunity to tackle scientific research via an interdisciplinary approach. To better engineer medicine, it is imperative to focus on the core value that drives medicine: connecting people with technology and helping the ones in need. I seek to advance technology from the scientific side, but also to bridge the health inequity in accessing these technologies.